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Future Shopping Today

OVID.ie is a revolutionary e-commerce platform which allows the uses of both cryptocurrency and fiat into everyday transactions. This is the way of the future and with the integration of ByCoi, Bitcoin and Ethereum to start with, we intend to be the global leader in online shopping.


With a focus on rewarding our members, our OVID.ie platform is a global marketplace where products and services can be bought for cryptocurrency and fiat. We offer a service that includes fully integrated api's to established and genuine cryptocurrency blockchains.

Currency converting

Every time you buy online it’s always great to know what your purchases are costing you in your local currency. OVID.ie offers dynamic currency conversions on all our products and services.

Social interactions

Introducing social sharing and real cryptocurrency rewards. At OVID.ie we want to give our members genuine incentives for helping us to grow. This is part of our strategy for turning cryptocurrencies into the preferred ’money’ of the future.


How everything began.

  • November 2018

    Our Humble Start

    Work was started on an e-commerce website that was launched globally and attracted thousands of members.

  • February 2019

    ByCoi (BYC) Blockchain development

    The start of developing and securing the ByCoi opensource blockchain was initiated.

  • April 2019

    CashBack site

    Shokzky.com is integrated into the OVID.ie brand with the purpose of giving our members the opportunity to earn cash back on everyday transactions.

  • June 2019

    ByCoi (BYC) cryptocurrency is launched

    The ByCoi blockchain was launched on a global scale with 120 billion in assetts issued.

  • July 2019

    Final phase of Exchange application

    To further facilitate the use of our OVID.ie site a European licensed exchange for trading cryptocurrency enters the final pre-launch phase.

  • October 2019

    OVID.ie Launch

    OVID.ie launches once the Exchange goes live on the 17th of October.

  • Be a part of our journey.

The OVID.ie Team

A team of complimentary skillsets

Lloyd Moore

COO and Lead Designer

As part of an incredibly talented team of people that includes visionaries, economists and technical geniuses, Lloyd has been largely responsible for articulating the vision of OVID.ie and bringing the brand to life. He is incredibly excited about the power of the the platform as well as its power to reward it’s members and the global merchant community.

Duncan Arthur

Chairman of Board

For Duncan OVID.ie is the culmination of many years of experience in the finance and payments sector. His vision of cryptocurrencies and fiat working seamlessly together towards a goal of global reward is now a reality. Transparency, legitimacy and clarity with regards to the role of crypto in todays society has been Duncan’s main driver in bring this project to life.

Alexander Pavlov

CTO and Lead Developer

Alex has a long history of development both front end and back end using the latest technologies. His vision is to make our systems the most usable and connectable in our field allowing many types of integrations to take place.

Challenges are just a part of everyday life and will be easily overcome by what you focus on. Our focus and our vision is to become to worlds leading e-com platform for any crypotcurrency and fiat payment. Welcome to ovid.ie and the future of shopping!

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